Cat 5 Jack Installation


An Ethernet port is also called a jack or a socket. The purpose of this port of socket is to connect wired network hardware in a local area network (LAN), a metropolitan area network (MAN), or wide area network (WAN).  A Cat 5 Jack is a port that is compatible with Cat 5 Ethernet cable or wires.

Category 5 cable or Cat 5 is a term that has become synonymous with ethernet. Cat 5 cable consists of four pairs of twisted copper that terminates at one of these ports or sockets. Because they can transfer clear data up to 100 meters, category 5 jacks and components are designed for high-speed computing and are used mainly for data transfer.

Cat 5 jacks are multi-purpose and are used for Ethernet, Internet, phone, modem, and computer networks from speeds of 10 to 100 Mbps. These jacks snap into any housing or wall plates making them easy to use.

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Horizon Electronics has been performing its services in the United States. Our low voltage cabling services include installing fiber-optic networks, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, wireless (wifi) networks, telephone, and A/V Installation. Click on the US map to find out if we cover your location by state.

Our Products and Services:

We install all types of network devices nationwide

Copper Ethernet Networking

Patch Cables
  • Cat5e Cables
  • Cat6 Cables
  • Cat6a Cables
  • Cat7 Cables
  • 6 inch to 50 feet
Network Cable 
  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6a
  • Cat 7
  • Shielded and Non Shielded
Ethernet Jacks
  • Cat5e
  • Cat6
  • Cat 6a
  • Cat 7
  • Cat 3 RJ11
  • Shielded and Non Shielded
Copper Patch Panel
  • 12 to 96 ports
  • Wall or Rack Mount
  • Loaded or Unloaded
  • Shielded and Non Shielded

Fiber Optic Networking

Fiber Patch Cables
  • Singlemode
  • Multimode
Fiber Optic Cable
  • Singlemode
  • Multimode
Fiber Connectors
  • LC, FC, SC, ST
  • Multi or Single Mode
  • Factory terminated and non-terminated
Fiber Adapter Plate
  • Single or Multimode
  • Wall or Rack Mount
  • Loaded or Unloaded
  • Indoor or Exterior

Server Racks & Cabinet Enclosures


SmartRack Premium 12U to 42U Server Rack Enclosure, Secure, Standard-Depth


2U to 58U SmartRack 4-Post Open Frame Rack - Organize and Secure Network Rack Equipment

Vertical Mount

SmartRack 5U to 26U Low-Profile Vertical-Mount Switch-Depth Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet


SmartRack 12U to 42U Standard-Depth Rack Enclosure Cabinet for Harsh Environments

Warehouse and Office Wifi

Access Points
  • Internal Antennas
  • External Antennas
  • POE Powered
  • Brick Powered
  • 2.4 and 5 GHz
Omni Antenna
  • Omnidirectionals
  • Cisco AP Compatible
  • Vertical Polarization
  • 4X RPTNC Plugs
  • Indoor / Outdoor
Directional Antenna
  • 4 Dual Bands
  • 2.4 and 5 GHz pigtail
  • Adjustable
  • 4 RPTNC Plugs
  • Indoor / Outdoor
AP Controllers
  • Centralized Control
  • Connect Cisco Prime
  • Simplified GUI
  • Guest Access
  • Energy Efficiency

UPS Battery Backup And PDU Systems

Rackmount UPS
  • 120 and 220V Input
  • 500/5000 VA Output
  • 3 Phase 20-140kVA
  • Network Card Option
Tower UPS
  • Workstation UPSs
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Brownout Protection
  • Audible Alarm
UPS Battery Packs
  • Single-Phase
  • 3-Phase
  • Rack/Tower
  • Tower
  • Rack-Mount
Power Distribution
  • Basic
  • Local Metered
  • Monitored
  • Switched
  • Hot-Swap

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